Dear Dr Ludwig Otto,

I send you my warmest Christian greetings through the mighty name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

May the good Lord richly bless you for the wonderful work you are doing of equipping the body of Christ worldwide through Bold Christian University. Without doubt, God will reward you for your faithfulness and kindness.

Dear Dr sir, I write this email to express my appreciation for inviting me to speak and attend the 17th Conference on CHANGE: PROBLEMS & OPPORTUNITIES in October 25th, 2019. Dr sir, I'm humbled and am on my knees with a lot of thanks for this gesture. And thank you again for considering me to come and be part of the men and women of God on 25th Oct. I believe this is my opportunity according to the theme.

I have been praying all these years asking the Lord to bless me with His Divine connection, to connect me to people like you my father Dr Ludwig. I thank God because my prayer as been answered, and am very much ready to work under your grace. The few months I have been learning with Bold Christian University, my life and ministry as changed, and I have got a story to tell. Please Dr, I promise to work under your umbrella and I want to be mentored by you as your spiritual son. I'm very much convinced beyond any doubt, my connection to you Dr will be like the 17th Conference Theme: I'm going to experience a very BIG CHANGE in my life and ministry and I'll have a lot of OPPORTUNITIES.

Again I want to say thank you for the invitation, and the lessons am receiving from your school. Dad, God bless you and hope to hear from you. Your spiritual son in Zambia. Pastor Humphrey Malipini

David Nelson, Monrovia, Liberia ss: HEBREWS


Aderemi Tosin <> To:

‎Jul‎ ‎24 at ‎3‎:‎00‎ ‎AM

Dear Ludwig, it is with great pleasure I facilitate with you for being alive to face another reality of life today. We are alive today because of the Grace and mercy of God and I pray for more abundance grace to sustain us in the race in Jesus name. I wish to apply for a membership status in your wonderful Association of Christian Educators so that I can feel the sense of belongings among the children of God in your organization and as well as bein among your spiritual sons from the continent of Africa, Nigeria to be precised.
I am a believer of Faith of our Lord Jesus Christ, I am also aspiring to be a good shepherd who shall be leading the people of God to the promised land. Just as it is written that Iron sharpening Iron, I also need my Iron to be sharpened through your ministry sir.I became a Christian by birth as my father beind a devoted member of Islamic religion, pleaded with my mum to please take me away from the religion where Christ is denied (ISLAMIC RELIGION) to this precious relgion of light being my present faith. Ever sin then, God has been helping me to grow higher in his word and to also become a church leader that will be leading his people. By God's grace, i am also called to have a ministry hoping to start it very soon as the spirit leads.
Looking forward to being part of your followers in ACE sir.

Aderemi Tosin

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